Well im home <33

No need to ask, Hawaii was absolutely amazing.

WEDNESDAY(DAY 1): We flew from Phoenix to San Francisco then to Honolulu, O'ahu(part of Hawaii).
THURSDAY(DAY 2): We went to Pear Harbor then drove up to the North Shore.
FRIDAY(DAY 3): We went to the beach and then to my dads company pick-nick.
SATURDAY(DAY 4): We went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation then came back and got a massage.
SUNDAY(DAY 5): We flew from O'ahu to Kauai.
MONDAY(DAY 6): We woke up really early and went tubing from 7am untill 1030 am. It was beautiful.
TUESDAY(DAY 7): We drove to Waimea Canyon, Poi Poi Beach and The Kaua'i Coffee Plantation.
WEDNESDAY(DAY 8): We went to the beach and i got burned
THURSDAY(DAY 9): We flew from Kaua'i to Maui.
FRIDAY(DAY 10): We hung around then went to a Luau and had like perfect seats. and it was wounderful.
SATURDAY(DAY 11): We went snorkeling.
SUNDAY(DAY 12): Me and my sisters tanned and then us and my mom went shopping.
MONDAY(DAY 13): We got up early and drove The Road to Hana.
TUESDAY(DAY 14): We checked out at 12 and went shopping and drove this scary, but gorgeous backroad to the airport. We flew all night to L.A. and then flew in the morning to Phoenix. We finally got home Wednesday morning at about 11 am.


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